Feature Friday

This week's feature item took me a bit out of my comfort zone and quite some time to complete.  I like honing my skills, however, and stretching myself in my chosen crafts.  

This little lovely is called the "Camdyn Hat" and I found the pattern at Lakesideloops.com.  This pattern is not for the faint at heart.  In fact, the designer warns that this is not for beginners.  Even semi-advanced crocheters such as myself may need some help from the video.  I've worked with cable crochet stitches before, but it has been a very long time.

One of the tricks of this pattern is the counting of both the stitches and the rows.  Also, when the pattern refers to "stitches" in certain rounds it is referring to the cables and not the "v" stitches on top of the round.  I wouldn't have known this without watching the video.  I'm still not sure I did this completely right.  I did use a different sized hook and a different yarn than what the pattern called for.  I also added an extra row at the brim once I was finished.  It just didn't really LOOK finished to me without it. 

Something you might find more interesting than the technical aspects of the pattern, is the yarn I used.  It's a super-soft Alpaca blend and I just love the color.  This is also actually, the first hat I've ever made with a faux fur pom-pom.  I think it adds a really cute touch!  I tried adding a homemade yarn pom-pom to a hat a couple of weeks ago and was not happy with it at all.  I'm sticking to store bought poms for now.

So, I'll add this little beauty to the boutique and see how it does.  Teddy likes it quite well  I hope I can get him to part with it.  

Until next time!



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